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Read Before Applying to Participate in Parade. Application deadline: Monday, May 13, 2024. ***No Exceptions: Owners of motorized vehicles participating in the parade are required to submit a “Certificate of Insurance” with the parade application and must name the Elm City Freddy Fixer Committee and the City of New Haven as “Additional Insured” on the specified date of June 2, 2024. Please provide the required Registration and Acord 25 or Acord 27 forms with this application. By submitting this application, you and your organization recognize that the ECFFPC is a family-oriented event and by submitting this application, your organization agrees to abide by the rules of conduct set forth in the Elm City Freddy Fixer’s Parade Orders for June 2, 2024. Additionally, the ECFFPC will not be liable for any injury that occurs in conjunction with the parade and/or any injury caused by a parade participant, whether intentional or unintentional. All parade participants agree to release the ECFFPC of any and all claims of liabilities, including vendors or any subcontractor(s) assisting vendors working with, or for a parade participant.

Parade Application & Payment

Sunday, June 2, 2024 - Line up 11:30 a.m..



Submission of this application does not guarantee a space in the parade. We will notify you of your eligibility to participate in the parade after receipt of completed application. Applicants who are not eligible will receive a refund.

Herein, by submitting and signing this parade application, all participants agree to adhere to the mandates and orders of the 2024 parade.

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