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2024 Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade Committee's Weekend Coverage.

Freddy Fixer Gala Centers Community Connection: Arts Paper - Arts Council Greater New Haven - Article Lucy Gellman | June 5th, 2024. Click below images to read articles and view stunning photos from local photographers.

Freddy Fills Dixwell With Drums, Dance, Pride

by ABIBA BIAO | Jun 3, 2024 12:41 p.m.

New Haven Independent

Freddy Fixer Dances Down Dixwell Avenue - Arts Paper

Lucy Gellman | June 3rd, 2024


Dixwell Freddy Fixer Neighborhood Festival


Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade

Here is the list of the award winners from yesterday's Freddy Fixer Parade. I won the Elm City Freddy Fixer Spirit Award in the 1st Place award category! I'm so so honored and yet at the same time, I don't even feel worthy of such a prestigious designation. I just do what I do because I can and it feels so good to give back to the Freddy Fixer Community. I do it to honor the community, not the other way around.  

It's funny because people have been congratulating me for winning the Spirit Award, and I just thought it was another name for the volunteer legacy award that I was presented with at the gala on Friday. Nope, it's actually another award. 

I would like to thank this year's judges for the award: Nuke Rankins, Adriane Vegas Jefferson, and Shon Howard. I would also like to thank the entire Freddy Fixer Board and Parade Organizing Committee. So much time, hard work, and love go into making the parade happen.

I would like to highlight and thank Diane X Brown and Petisia M. Adger for all of their work for the Freddy Fixer Parade and the entire New Haven community. If it wasn't for them I don't think there would have even been a parade these last ten years. They are the real deal and they walk the walk every day. I would follow them anywhere.

I'm so thankful for this award and will to my best to do my part to keep the Freddy Fixer Spirit alive.


6th Annual Community Awards Gala

The Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade Committee is thrilled to unveil this year's parade winners.

Our esteemed judges, Adriane Jefferson, Samod Rankins, and Lushonda Howard, have meticulously reviewed all the spectacular performances of the approximately 80 marching units. With great excitement, we proudly announce the outstanding marching units that have earned the prestigious 2024 Elm City Freddy Fixer Parade Awards.

1st Place Award Categories

1.     Grand Marshal’s Awards – Styles 2000

2.     Elm City Freddy Fixer Spirit Award – Chris Randall (Community Photographic Chronicler)

3.     Best Marching Unit – James Hillhouse High School Marching Band featuring the Majorette Dance Factory

4.     Best Float – Survivors of Homicide

5.     Best Motorcycle Group – New Haven Police Motorcycle Unit

6.     Best Drill Team – The Elite Drill Squad & Drum Corps

7.     Best Marching Band – Wilbur Cross High School Marching Governors


2nd Place Award Categories

8.     Grand Marshal’s Awards – Chin Check Friday

9.     Elm City Freddy Fixer Spirit Award – CT Transit

10.  Best Marching Unit – Elm City College Prep Chapter School Band, Cheerleaders, and Dance Unit

11.  Best Float – D&N Logistics, LLC.

12.  Best Motorcycle Group – Flaming Knights Founding Chapter

13.  Best Drill Team – TVE Dance Studio

14.  Best Marching Band – Magic Soul Academy Drumline

Watch NOW - NBC CT Live Interview.

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