Executive Board

2017 - 2019


Petisia M. Adger

Vice President

Diane Brown


Leonard Jahad

Vice Treasurer

Krima Bryd


Eula Ward

Membership is open to any and all members of the Greater New Haven community that have an interest in sustaining the African-American heritage in the City of New Haven.


VOTING members

2018 - 2019

Parade Co-Coordinator

Ife Michelle Gardin

Parade Co-Coordinator

Jacqueline Glover

Donald Carter

Artistic Director

Nina Silva

Iman Hameen

Past Parade Coordinator

Darryl Pervis

Hayden Worrell

Susan Robinson

Shanelle Ewing.jpg

Chanelle Goldson

Regina Byrd

Chaz Carmon

Tracey Massey

Edmund Comfort

Malicia Hopes

Michael Gittins

Laurence Downes

Erik Clemons

Cheryl Lytell


Andre Livingston

Howard Boyd

Jacqueline Gary

Please consider Volunteering! Volunteers are not required to be dues  paying members.

ECFFPC meets every Wednesday until parade day, promptly at 6:00 p.m., at the Stetson Branch Library, 200 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, CT.